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19.08.2007 --- Weekly News

The devs have made a post informing the Planetside players that the Phantasm's machine gun will be removed. No more invisible farming thank goodness. On top of that, they are working on increasing the Galaxy Gunship's armour and it's firepower. There's also plans to have a more efficient repair rate for combat engineers and above.

Black Ops 2.0... what does it mean? Nobody is quite sure to be honest. I didn't even realise there was a Black Ops 1.0 already done. Anyway, it's apparently on it's way but not for a fair bit of time. They probably figured that 1000 health was a little unfair.

Everyone please welcome our new cadets:
- Fooicus
- SheriffNC (Ex-Rebel Assault)

- DoseyDoris (Ex-Rebel Assault)
- BillyWhiz
- SproutMaGinty
- Spinky

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12.08.2007 --- Weekly News

The Phantasm has arrived! A nice five man cloaked dropship. They do work very well, having dropped from and been dropped on aswell, sneaking troops right up to a BD under everyone's noses. 12mm chaingun seems like a grunt-farmer though... disappointing. Infiltration suit cert is required for the Phantasm.

The Galaxy Gunship has also arrived! Not quite as good as hoped, some 35mm chainguns (with bad damage loss over distance) and a couple of groundpounders. No MAX slots either. Air Support cert is required for the Gunship.

The Fight Club overhaul has pretty much been completed now. We've created our nice new websites (both internal and public ones) along with the new style forum and ranking system. The new outfit sigs have just landed too. See this forum announcement for details.

Although we're not supposed to have found out, the upcoming Black Ops soldiers - still very mysterious and lacking in info - will have health of 1000 aswell as 500 stamina points! Still no news on where we'll see them or if we'll even be playing as them. More as it comes in.

Everyone please welcome our new cadets:
- Marlb0r0
- Orome
- scarybigbob
- Vikter
- Robocop1
- maverik1979 (Ex-Renegade Legion)
- NightVixen (Ex-Rebel Assault)

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02.08.2007 --- Outfit Information Centre Online

The Outfit Information Centre has been uploaded to fightcluboutfit.co.uk and is online. The purpose of this section is to hold important information at the click of a button, without trawling through a forum full of threads. It is primarily aimed at our new players.

- The NEWS section is this page - any news regarding the outfit in-game will be posted up here (hopefully in weekly updates).
- The OUTFIT STATUS section will keep a log of promotions, in-game events, info and other landmark goals that are reached.
- The EVENTS section is an explanation of our weekly events, and what to expect for each of them.
- The RANKS section is an explanation of our new rank system, and how to attain higher ranks.
- The WEAPONRY 101 section contains information on how to get the most out of our guns and vehicles.
- The FORUM link will take you back to FC's Messageboard.

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30.07.2007 --- They're coming...

Buggerlugs originally brought it to our attention with a video link (available here.) that 'something or someone' is to arrive on the face of Auraxis pretty soon. Well we're certain that the Galaxy Gunship and the Phantasm invisible troop carrier are on their way, yet we see strange vids of the occupants of the stasis tubes in the Bio Lab basements awakening...

In other news, the home continents were rotated (finally), and the following are now the new home conts:

  • NC's new home continents are Amerish and Esamir.
  • TR's new home continents are Hossin and Solsar.
  • VS's new home continents are Ceryshen and Forseral.

The VS will certainly have the advantage with gaining Ceryshen with their hover vehicles. It's certainly a welcome change that was needed long ago.

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