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Warframe Guide

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Warframe Guide
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On the eve of a new expansion is possibly not the best time to do this but we have a couple of new starters and I keep forgetting stuff so figure I'll list hopefully useful stuff here.

There is a lot to do in Warframe these days and it can be a bit bewildering if you are just getting started or coming back after a break. Here is a breakdown of what you can do and a suggested order of when to do it.

If you are really new, don't forget to check the Clan Dojo, there are quite a few useful weapons and frames you can get blueprints for.

TLDR Version:

Do number 1 first, the rest of it mix and match as needed.

1. Get Rhino
2. Get Frost
3. Get Soma
4. Get Carrier sentinel, fit Sweeper
5. Complete solar system missions
6. Get Nightmare mods
7. Get Corrupted mods
8. Get normal frames and weapons
8. Get prime frames and weapons
9. Kubrows, Archwing & Syndicates

Plat, Slots and Your Core Gear

Like every other free-to-play game, Warframe can be played for nothing but a small amount of plat will make life considerably easier. You only need big amounts of plat to buy frames and weapons but all of those can be found in game if you put the time in. Likewise Forma blueprints can be given as mission rewards fairly frequently. Catalysts are rewarded in-game but are much more rare.

Plat should be primarily used to buy frame and weapon slots, and catalysts.

In order to increase your Mastery Rank you need to level frames and gear. Have a few slots dedicated to your Ďgetting stuff doneí gear, stuff that you keep, and a couple of extra slots for levelling stuff you will then sell; mastery fodder.

Five additional Frame slots will cost 100 plat.
Ten additional Weapons slots will cost 60 plat (2 slots for 12p).
10 Catalysts for Ďkeeperí frames & weapons cost 200 plat

If you use a common 25% off login reward you can get 370 plat for about £10. That will see you through for a big chunk of the game. Drop another tenner on it down the road if you want more Forma in a hurry or a few more slots to keep other stuff you like. Or if you get lucky and score a 75% off reward.

Plat can also be earned trading Prime parts and blueprints to other players. Certainly enough to keep you in slots if needed.

Mods are everything. Level only allows you to fit more mods. Catalysts (potatoes) allow you to fit twice the amount of mod points but they drop rarely and cost plat to buy. Forma allow you add or change a polarity slot that can halve the cost of the fitted mod. You have to re-level from scratch after applying one though.

The difference in power between a basic level 30 frame and one with a catalyst and a few forma slots is enormous. The basic frame can fit only 30 points of mods. Add a catalyst and it becomes 60 points. Add 5 forma on the 12-15 point mods and you get an effective total of around 90 points. One barely survives, one wrecks face with ease.

All frames can work well for the vast majority of the game and you can easily level a frame to 30 without putting a catalyst in it. However, some frames are just easier to use and when it comes to the very highest level missions some frames are just outright better than others. For example, Emberís fire based attacks absolutely wreck stuff at low and mid levels but just donít scale into the higher levels very well. Whereas Nyx's Chaos skill will incapacitate an entire room no matter what level they are.

However, with enough formas just about anything can be made to work. Tier IV missions can be run with an Excalibur, Braton Mk-1, Lato and Skana. Catalysts and Formas can make crap guns decent and good guns obscene and a well modded good gun can make a mediocre frame perfectly viable.

Recommended Gear to Aim For (at first)

The following recommendations are the basic, solid performers. If you find you like a frame that isnít on this list, keep it and mod it and it will still serve you well. If have some of the following properly modded, there isn't much you can't do:

Frames: Rhino, Frost, Excalibur, Nyx, Loki/Ash.
Primary Weapons: Soma (basic or prime), Boltor Prime, Dread/Paris, Opticor
Secondary Weapons: AkVasto, AkBolto, Marelok, Brakk (hard to get), AkMagnus
Melee Weapons: Dual Ichor, Dragon Nikana, Dakra Prime

Pro Builds: check out Calypso's youtube channel for his range of Warframe Pro Builds. Good info to get you started.

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BR (Barrel Rank) 5

Joined: 30 Jun 2005
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What to do and when to do it

Always keep an eye out for alerts that offer special rewards. Especially the aura mods.

Get Rhino: Itís all about the mods and you need to start collecting them. Get Rhino first as he will make collecting mods much easier. Excalibur and Loki are great end-game frames but they arenít that good without top level mods, whereas Rhino is tough from the start and easy to improve on with just the basic mods.

Unlock Planets: You get mastery points for completing the planetary missions for the first time and, once you have done all the missions for a planet, Nightmare mode is unlocked.

Unlocking as much of the solar system as possible should be a priority. You get levels and resources from doing it and thereís nothing worse than seeing a rare item alert pop on a planet you donít have access to yet. If you hit areas that are too tough, go back and farm defence and survival missions for mods.

Get Nightmare Mods: Unlock all of Venus ASAP then when you have a few levels on Rhino watch out for Nightmare missions there (they donít occur on Mercury). Nightmare missions give special mods as rewards, some of which are extremely useful, and the rewards donít depend on the level of the planet so running low level ones is a good way to get some powerful mods with a 10% drop chance.

Compared to Corrupted mods, Nightmares are pretty common drops, often around 10% chance to get the one you need.

Lethal Torrent is one of the 'must have' mods and should go on every secondary you own. At max 5 ranks it provides 60% Fire Rate and 60% Multishot. A massive DPS increase for a single slot.

Rhinoís Iron Skin is an excellent way of offsetting the worst of the Nightmare Mode effects. If you die just abort the mission and retry it. The detrimental effects are chosen at random so you may get an easier set the next time.

Void Missions: Youíll get keys as rewards for defence and survival missions. You can use these to access the Orokin void missions and start collecting prime parts. These missions are also good for getting credits. These missions can be pretty tough and require some decent gear and good mods.

Void Keys: These can be given as the reward each 5 levels from Defence missions but the chances are pretty low, less than 15% I think. Alternatively you are guaranteed a key at the 15min mark of any normal Survival mission. Tower IV keys are only available from Interception missions.

Derelict Missions: These need special keys to be crafted from Nav Coordinates. These missions hold vaults that contain Corrupted mods, rare and powerful. The kicker is that the vault needs a 'Dragon key' that you have to craft from one of your void keys.

There are four different keys and each has a detrimental effect on you;
Bleeding -75% health
Decaying -75% shields
Extinguished -75% damage
Hobbled -50% speed

These missions are a pain to organise with randoms but you can solo them with the right build/gear. The problem is if you solo it you only have a 1 in 4 chance of taking the right key and even if you do get into the vault, there are 22 corrupted mods so getting the one you really want may take a while!


If you are vault-hunting, choose the Exterminate missions. There are a set number of enemies that you can kill off then you can search for the vault in peace. Trying to find a vault in mobile defence or survival is much harder.

In Exterminate youíll face mainly Infested and every so often the Grineer will show up. The Napalms and Bombards are tough so take a high level weapon with radiation damage on it in addition to your preferred method of Infested genocide.

Extinguished Key: Top-end, well-modded weapons can cope with the level of enemies. The stealth multiplier from Ash or Loki applies as well. Can be soloed with this key but I find it quite slow.

Decaying Key: My preferred solo key. Rhino with Iron Skin can run this without too much trouble but he is vulnerable when his Iron Skin runs out. Ash is very good with this key as he has a high health pool and can equip Rage and Life Strike mods; gain energy from health damage then use that energy to get health back for melee damage, all whilst invisible.

Bleeding Key: Stack shield mods as high as you can, carry a lot of health restores and hide behind the others. Not recommended for solo as you are extra squishy.

Hobbled Key: This key sucks. You do full damage, have all your shields and max health but you run sooooooo fucking slowly youíll never see an enemy because the rest of the team killed everything 10 minutes before you got there. If the vault happens to be your key the rest of the team has to stand around waiting for you to get there. Regardless, the rest of the team has to stand around and wait for you to get to the exit. Avoid whenever possible.

If you absolutely HAVE to take it, equip a fast frame (Volt works) and equip a fast melee weapon and Ďcopterí. Sprint, jump, whilst in the air crouch and quick melee. If you use a heavy weapon youíll just drop to the ground, if you use a fast melee weapon, youíll fly forwards a fair distance. Dual Zorens are particularly good for this hence the term Ďzorencopteringí.

Edit: Update 17 removed coptering for the new parkour system. At some point I'll try a run with a Hobbled key and see what happens.

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BR (Barrel Rank) 5

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Rhino is a great all-rounder frame that you can use to reliably solo all kinds of stuff with. Rhino parts drop from the Jackal boss on Fossa, Venus, easy to reach early on. Go there, shoot it in the face, get Rhino. Early on add Redirection and Vitality and build him for power strength and efficiency so you can cast Iron Skin for low cost. When you have a decent powered Iron Skin you can drop Vitality.

Iron Skin is your bread and butter to start with. It adds a ton of survivability and protects you from all kinds of nasty CC effects. Stomp is a great AoE and control power. Early to mid-levels it will kill everything in range outright. In later levels youíll use it more for the stun than the damage.

However, let me be brutally honest here; Rhino is a crutch. You'll rely on his easy tanking right up until end game when suddenly his defences don't last nearly as long and that can be a rude awakening. He is still solid at end game, just not the power house he is earlier. Other frames such as Nyx, Loki, and Excalibur can just outright prevent you from taking damage at those levels instead of having to tank it.

Frost: When it comes to defence missions, Frosty is the main man. His Snow Globe makes any kind of defence missions considerably easier. He is also heavily armoured, has a ton of hit points and a huge shield. He is a little slow but that doesn't stop him being one of the best frames in the game and far more than the one-trick pony most think.

Parts drop from Lech Kril on Ceres. Use Rhino to learn him some proper manners and get your bits Frosty.. er, Frosty bits even.

When you have Frosty and Rhino you are set as far as Frames go. These two will get you everything else you need.

Excalibur: Radial Blind skill is awesome throughout the game and many players underestimate how good he is because he is a starter frame. If it canít see you, it canít hit you. When properly modded you can spam Radial Blind and get melee damage multipliers on blinded enemies.

Nyx: Confuse can lock down an entire room with ease by making the enemy fight among themselves. She is a bit squishy but learn to use her well and there isnít much you canít do with her.

Loki and Ash: Both can remain invisible for extended periods making otherwise tough encounters rather trivial.

Ash has a huge health pool and coupled with a Rage mod (energy when taking health damage) and a Life Strike mod on a melee weapon (regain health on energised melee hits) he can take damage, use that to fuel his smoke bomb, become invisible and use charged melee attacks to recover his health. This can be done indefinitely if you are careful, even on very high level missions.

Loki, if played properly, won't even get hit in the first place. His Radial Disarm can be extremely effective, especially in certain defence missions.

Honourable mentions:
Zephyr for her whirly shield thing that stops incoming damage and tornados that make stuff stop attacking in the first place. She is super manoeuvrable and excels at Interception missions where she can cross big distances quickly.

Mag for cheap, spammable knockdowns and replenishing shield at the expense of the enemy. It canít hit you if it is lying on the floor.

Nova for when you absolutely, positively, got to kill every motherfucker in the room; accept no substitutes. Squishy but tremendous fun in a team when there are a lot of enemies about.

Oberon is great melee tank. High HP and a heal ability along with a rather tasty AoE nuke make him fun and resilient.

Trinty for endless power and health and making some boss fights laughably easy.

Nekros, king of the survival missions and farmer of resources. His desecrate ability makes corpses give up more loot, including mods. He is a bit squishy but the constant supply of healing orbs helps out a lot.

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Weapon Mods

These are pretty potent base builds that will work in nearly all situations but there are many ways to tweak them for some improvements. They will almost all require a potato and often multiple Forma. For mastery fodder weapons that you intend not to keep, you'll pretty much only be able to fit on Serration and Split Chamber before running out of mod points but that should suffice to level it to 30.

The damage model has changed a bit since the game launched and different enemies have different armour types and there are a number of different elemental combos you can use. Despite all this, basic modding on weapons is pretty straightforward. For non-crit guns you stack the basic damage multiplier, multishot, faction specific damage multiplier then two sets of elements. For crit based guns you drop the faction specific mod and one of the elements for crit chance and crit damage mods.

The main element you choose should be the one that messes up the big dudes. Most of the trash mobs die no matter what you use but in later levels enemies like Corrupted Gunners take a lot of damage to put down so you mod for them first.

Primary Weapons

A typical non-crit Primary weapon mod setup:

Used on guns like the Boltor and Braton

Serration; Split Chamber; Heavy Caliber*; Bane of Grineer/Corpus/Infested

Grineer = Radiation (Fire/Electric) + Viral (Cold/Toxic)
Corpus = Magnetic (Cold/Electric) + Toxic
Infested = Blast (Cold/Fire) + Corrosive (Toxic/Electric)
Void = Corrosive (Toxic/Electric) + Fire or Cold (also swap the 'Bane of' mod for something else like fire rate)

A typical crit-based Primary weapon mod setup:

Used on guns like the Soma and Latron.

Serration; Split Chamber; Heavy Caliber*; Vital Sense;
Point Strike;

Grineer = Radiation (Fire/Electric) + Toxin
Corpus = Magnetic (Cold/Electric) + Toxin
Infested = Corrosive (Toxic/Electric) + Fire
Void = Corrosive (Toxic/Electric) + Cold

How much of this you can manage is going to depend on your mod collection and the number of Forma you have applied. There are a number of mods that were rewards from events that allow you to create elemental combos fairly cheaply and save you some Forma slots. These mods do occasionally get re-released but if you don't have them just try and get the primary element on there then add a boost to puncture or slash or whatever your primary damage type is.

*I do not yet have Heavy Caliber, the damn thing has eluded me so far but it gives you quite a lot of damage for the loss of some accuracy. I tend to use Shred in its place or a puncture/slash/impact booster instead.

Secondary Weapons

<<To be added but nearly every secondary should have Hornet Strike; Barrel Diffusion; Lethal Torrent>>

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<<RESERVED>> Mods; what you need and where to get them

Corrupted Mods

Corrupted mods give a bonus to your powers but typically have a detrimental effect as well. They feature prominently in most end-game builds because you can balance out or mitigate the downsides to provide some hefty benefits.

For example, an end-game Rhino can typically be built in two ways; focus on Stomp or focus on Roar. Stomp is a defensive build and Roar will dramatically increase your, and your teammates, damage output. Iron Skin is important in both.

Iíll compare two Roar builds to show how Corrupted Mods are pretty spiffy. A Roar build needs Efficiency so we can cast our number three power cheaply, Strength so it buffs us as much as possible, and Duration so it lasts as long as we need it to.

Rhino Common Mods, these mods feature in both builds:

Steel Charge 60% Melee Weapon Damage
Redirection 440% Shield Capacity
Intensify 30% Power Strength
Constitution 40% Knockback Recovery, 28% Power Duration
Continuity 30% Power Duration

There are no other non-corrupted mods we can fit that increase power duration, strength or efficiency. The remaining slots would probably be made up with Flow for more energy and then defensive mods like Vitality and Vigor.

If we fit three corrupted mods instead:
Blind Rage: 99% Power Strength, -55% Efficiency
Narrow Minded: 99% Power Duration, -66% Power Range
Fleeting Expertise: 60% Power Efficiency, -60% Power Duration

This is the comparison, normal (corrupted):

Duration +58% (+97%)
Strength +30%/ (+129%)
Efficiency +30% (+35%)

Iron Skin: Costs 35 (32), Absorbs 1,560 (2,748)
Roar: Costs 52 (48), lasts 23 (30) seconds, damage bonus of 65% (114%)

Normal Rhino is theoretically more durable with 860 Health compared to Corruptedís meagre 300 and 1,290 Shields instead of 1,110.

However, Corruptedís Iron Skin is absorbing 1,188 more damage before it breaks, and it costs less to cast and he will be running around with a 30 second Roar damage bonus of 50% more than normal so enemies will die a lot faster.

You donít need the extra health if nothing is getting through your Iron Skin & Shields. Your improved Iron Skin will last a lot longer as you run around mowing down enemies with your cheap, long lasting team damage buff of 114%. Total awesomesauce

It's 106 miles to Naum, we've got a Skyguard, a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it's dark and the gunner's wearing sunglasses

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It barely runs on my system now so I deleted it

Was fun though, I'd recommend to anyone who i likes 3rd person shooters...

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Updated the guide to cover modding weapons.

Update 16 is now released with a Dragon based frame (YAY!), PVP v2.0 (who cares?) and 8-player raids (YAY!)

It's 106 miles to Naum, we've got a Skyguard, a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it's dark and the gunner's wearing sunglasses
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In order to efficiently play Warframe, you need one of these;

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Nah, get this printed on one instead:

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