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What is Fight Club ?

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What is Fight Club ?
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What is it?
Fight Club is a gaming community made up of guys and gals from all across the world. We have British, American, Belgian, Dutch, Swedish, Norweigan and German members who span over 25 years in age difference from oldest to youngest.

Unlike most gaming communities, our goal isn't to build an online reputation, or to score as many points as possible. Our goal is simple: To provide somewhere for the tired souls grinding the 9 to 5 to relax, get away from things and have a laugh with each other. FC's atmosphere has always been similar to lads down the pub, and this theme has always been strong within Fight Club.

Our forum is this community's heart. Our members may all play different games but we all stay in contact on the boards; you'll find lots of weird and wonderful posts on these boards. It's a great place to waste away the dull office environment and the make that clock tick around a little faster.


Fight Club's primary game at the moment is Planetside 2. Most of our members use voice comms which adds to the enjoyment, and also helps with how we play the game.

We play Planetside 2 as a group, not as a bunch of individuals. 'Teamplay and fun' has been our motto for years and has never let us down when it comes to enjoyment. From Engineer to Harrasser driver, crack shot to cack handed - as long as you love teamplay as much as we do, this is the place for you. Our oldest players are always willing to help out new players with questions.

Our event nights are Mondays and some Saturdays, and tend to be the most fun nights of the week - usually because most of us are online together.

Saturdays are our 'drink lots of beer and do crazy things' Brawl Night. Lots of fun to be had here, usually with themed events and anything-goes fun.

Mondays are the one night we try to put our poker faces on and go behind enemy lines to give our empire the upper hand. Are You Looking At My Pint? Night (AYLAMPN) means coming up against the very best soldiers that our enemies can throw at us with little or no backup. While fairly serious, we still find the time to take the mick over voice chat! The Vengaboys can sometimes be heard over comms when it's load-up time !

Some of our members are currently playing other games such as EvE or WoT - we have forum sections for all the games we play, it could entice you to play that game you've never tried, or find some new playing partners to fight alongside.


What do I do if I have a problem?
Well if it's a problem relating to Planetside (eg: "How do I use this gun?"), feel free to ask anyone about it. We were all new players at one time, and we know how daunting the game must be at first glance. Ask away on voice chat, in the outfit channel or on the forums for a quick response.

If it's a problem with an aspect of Fight Club or a member of Fight Club then please send a private message to myself, if you feel you cannot make a public post about it. We promise to hear what you have to say and deal with it as fairly as possible.


I have another question!
Oh, ok. Ask away on the forums! You'll most likely get a response inside 5 minutes if it's a work day


Who gets in and who doesn't?
Well this is basically decided on a person's character, sociability and their playstyle.

The best ever games player on Planet Earth might want to join but if they're selfish and ignorant then we will not have anything to do with them.

Conversely, a person who's never played a game in their life might want to join. If they use the forums and get involved in the outfit then they will be happily accepted.

All of our players are adults, who aren't concerned with being the l33test ever. Unfortunately a lot of teenagers play Planetside 2 in a very selfish and/or unsporting manner. We will trial anyone, but everyone will need to show a degree of maturity and selflessness in order to join.


Anything else?
Not really - just go out there and have some fun Remember to use the forums! And our Discord Server:

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