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Some tweaks that may stabilize your FPS in PS2

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Some tweaks that may stabilize your FPS in PS2
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So, after a particularly bad acid reflux in the middle of the night that sent me flying out of bed, I found a tweak for PS2 while I was browsing the web waiting for my stomach to calm down. According to some players, PS2 really really hates any type of unstable cpu frequencies, meaning it dislikes overclocking and any kind of functions that changes your CPU clocks for whatever reasons.

The first tip I got was to disable something called HPET (High Precision Event Timer). While it does not have anything to do with cpu clock, it still seems that PS2 really dislikes the usage of it. You need to disable this in 2 places: The BIOS, and the OS. I can't really help you disable it in the BIOS as they vary between motherboard manufacturers, but just look for the name in any of the BIOS settings. The next part is to disable it in the OS. To do this, put in the following in CMD and then reboot:

bcdedit /deletevalue useplatformclock

If you want to reenable it again, just copy the following into CMD and then reboot:

bcdedit /set useplatformclock true

Lastly, to check whether it is enabled or not in, copy the following to CMD:

bcdedit /enum

Look for the value "userplatformclock". If it's not there at all, it's disabled.

It is important that you either have both the BIOS setting and the OS setting enabled or disabled, not one disabled and one enabled.

The final things to tweak are any technologies that have to do with changing the CPU clock depending on work load. I can only help you with INTEL functions, I do not know the names of the AMD ones. The first to disable is SpeedStepping. What it does, is it changes your clock to a lower frequency when there is little work for the processor to do to lower power consumption. Disabling it may tax your processor a little bit more and might increase your power bill slightly. You will find the setting in the BIOS under the CPU settings if you have an INTEL CPU.

The second thing is something that a few new INTEL CPUs have, called Speed Boost. From what I understand, it increases voltage on the CPU when it can to produce a higher clock (not quite sure however, and too tired to double check). Just find it under the CPU settings in BIOS and disable it. There are no real negatives to disabling it, except maybe for some games or programs that might benefit from the increased clock.

There you have it. After I changed all these things, I have gotten a steady 40-50 FPS in Platoons vs Platoons fights (48+ people per side) with all graphical settings put to max and hopefully the desync issues are supposedly also lessened by configuring these settings.
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